About Anamchara

What is Anamchara?

Pronunciation: Ah-nahm-cahr-ah, with emphasis on the first and third syllables

Anamchara is a Gaelic word meaning “Soul-friend.” Among the ancient Irish, a person without a Soul-friend was considered very lost indeed.

Anamchara was originally a Druidic function, and later became a priestly function when Christianity adopted the practice. Anamchara is a confessor, though not in the sense of someone to whom to confess sins. In fact, in the tradition out of which Anamchara arises, there is no such thing as sin, only choices that are more or less in alignment with who you truly are and what your purpose here is.

Anamchara is a person with a particular gift, training, and practice of holding space and listening to your story in such a way that you are able to connect with your own deep truths to clear the way forward to your own true, beautiful path.

You may seek Anamchara when you are making big decisions about your life, when you are stressed or worried about a particular issue, when there are persistent problems you have had trouble overcoming, or when you are seeking a bigger, better vision for yourself and your life. In some cases, your Anamchara becomes a consistent presence in your life, someone to whom you can safely acknowledge all the parts of yourself and know that they are held and honored; someone who always helps you return to yourself for answers.

My Practice as Anamchara

I am Anamchara to the trees, who were the first to call me into this work and offered to teach me the ancient practice. The trees, likewise, are Anamchara to me.

I seek counsel and learn from the trees and other spirits of my sacred land in the mountains of North Carolina, as well as from every being I encounter in my path. I have always been Anamchara at some level. I have always been the one to whom people say, “I’ve never told anyone this before, but…” I have always been the one people turn to with their deepest stories, fears, and hopes. I have always helped them connect with their path forward. When people leave my presence after such a time together, they very often do so with hope, joy, clarity, and gratitude.

That is how I know I have the gift of Anamchara.

In 2016, a tree called out to me, quite literally, and offered to teach me. I didn’t understand at first what was happening, but I accepted the call. I fulfilled the requests of my new friend, protecting his friends and family from resident beavers by building fences around their trunks, cleaning up litter, and showing up for our lessons.

The trees and then other beings of the land became my teachers, along with the spirits of several beloved kindred whom I had known as fellow humans on this plane, in this lifetime, and who had since passed into other realms. They came back to me with teachings and lessons that continued my work.

In addition, I began to read about and study shamanism in its many forms throughout the world, which led me eventually to the study of shamanism as it once existed among my DNA ancestors, the ancient insular Celts and pre-Celtic peoples. When I first encountered the description of Anamchara, I knew that it was what my soul was called for, and what I had been training for.

During the several years following my original awakening by the trees, I sought earnestly and deeply my own healing. I believe in the adage, “Healer, heal thyself.” In order to be of greatest service as Anamchara, I must be clear and present and fully myself, balanced and aware. 

Throughout this work, I continued to hone my ability to hold space for the healing of others. I read psychological literature, brain science research, physics, biology, and other sciences. I work with practitioners of various shamanic traditions, and engage in daily practices and studies to constantly improve my ability to serve.

In 2020, I came into full awareness of my calling as Anamchara and opened my practice here.

What To Expect from an Anamchara Session

Every Anamchara session begins before you arrive. I prepare myself in a ritual fashion to cleanse and clear my own energy to be prepared to hold space for you. 

I then call in the energies of my personal allies and guides, including my tree friends, the spirits of my sacred land, the particular animal energy guides that work with me including Spider and Dragon (and my particular dragon allies), my ancestors, the spirits of the seven directions, and the Great Divine. I will then invite any particular guides and allies of yours to join us and request that they guide us in our session to your greatest good.

If you prefer, you may be present for the calling in of your guides and allies at the start of your call.

Once you have arrived and your guides and allies are present, the session continues with a conversation about whatever is going on for you at that time. This first portion of the session is a clearing and unburdening time for you. While holding the space, I may ask clarifying questions to help guide you through to the major aspects of what is going on for you and/or to help you reveal to yourself deeper truths about the events and situations you want to discuss.

As the session proceeds, we will listen for guidance from our spiritual allies and the Great Divine as to where to focus our energy, and in what fashion to proceed. Sometimes the session may continue as it began, with listening, questioning, and guidance in the same vein.

The session may also include channeled messages for you from your and my guides; card readings; suggestions of practices that will help you; guided meditation; energetic clearing and healing; energy readings; reframing; deep guided questioning; or other approaches to help you center into your own Knowing.

It is always my hope and expectation that you will leave your Anamchara session feeling refreshed, clear, and hopeful. You will often have “homework” such as particular practices to begin or actions to engage in. The “homework” is always optional, but most people find that they are excited and optimistic to do the tasks, as they see the clear path from where they are to where they want to be, and how these practices and actions will help them get there. These practices and tasks may be suggested by me, but they will be chosen by you.

Sometimes an Anamchara session may challenge you in ways that make you uncomfortable. This is also a valuable outcome, and I am skilled in guiding you to frame these uncomfortable results in such a way that they become productive and allow you to clear the path to outcomes more fully aligned with what you want and where you want to go.

Anamchara and Welcoming Inclusion

One of the particular gifts of the Anamchara is the ability to create a thoroughly welcoming environment in which the seeker may be fully themself and fully reveal themself. 

My Anamchara practice is welcoming to seekers of all ages, gender identities, gender expression, sexual and romantic orientation, ability and disability, race, national origin, religion and non-religion, family structure, career, and lifestyle.

I am, myself, gender fluid, pansexual, and queer, with a deep understanding of the specific issues that face folks on the LGBTQ+ spectrum. In addition, I have sought always to follow the leadership of members of other marginalized groups to understand the issues facing them, so that I may provide a compassionate, welcoming, safe space regardless of who you are or where you are coming from.

How to Schedule an Anamchara Session

To schedule your first Anamchara session, use the link below and select a convenient time.

Schedule an Anamchara session

Sessions are conducted by video, and are 45 minutes in length.

The fee for a session is $120. Financial assistance is available based on need, as I want these to be as accessible as possible. Please reach out.

I sincerely, deeply look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

With love and warmth,