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About Fen

Hi there. I’m Fen, formerly Heather Head. 


I live in North Carolina with my life partner, our three sons, my familiar (feline in form), and his sister (also feline).

My familiar, Rigel.

I write. I talk to trees. I help people. I burn people. Sometimes both, simultaneously.

I identify as dragon. I was raised fundamentalist Christian. I’m not now.

I mean, obviously.

I used to be afraid to say some things. I’m not anymore.

I mean, obviously.

I share my journey and my heart here. I hope you find something that helps you. Or burns you–in the best possible way. Either or both.

If you do, give me a follow on social, and maybe a shout-out to your friends. If not, go in peace. Or flame me in the comments. Whichever.

Do you.

Oh, hey, hi, are you here because you were hoping for some biographical information about me or perhaps links to other stuff that has to do with me? Cool cool. Here you go. A bio I wrote for a class I teach:

Fen Druadìn is an award-winning freelance copywriter, a storyteller, a novelist, an improv performer, and a creative career coach. She started writing professionally in 2001, to help feed her hungry family. In the years since, she has grown the business to employ other writers to serve her corporate clients, while building an online training and coaching center for aspiring career freelancers. She keeps her hand in the copywriting craft by ghostwriting for select clients. Fen’s work, both ghostwritten and under her own byline, can be found all over the internet and in print, in top-ranking Google previews, on award-winning sites, and in print publications as diverse as Redshift Magazine and Grit. She co-wrote the Best in City short film Clocking Out, and her short stories have been published in a variety of online collections. Her long-form fiction is represented by Ethan Ellenberg of the Ethan Ellenberg Literary Agency.

And links to stuff:

My company that creates content for corporate clients.

My company that trains and coaches copywriters.

My old blog under my old name.

And if all that is just simply not enough, you insatiable stalker you, check my social links in the footer.

Or just because you want to get to know me. That’s cool too. I mostly don’t bite.