If You Are Called To It, How to Support My Work

published on May 18, 2020

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I brought myself to the mountains this past week, along with a great deal else, but, most importantly, my Self.

As I have said, I have been hearing the call to a new way of being in the world, a new way of being supported by the world. I went to the mountains because the mountains were calling–and also, because I knew I would find answers there, as I always do.

Many of those answers, lessons, teachings, messages, and more will be appearing here in the form of essays in the next few days.

Among the many messages, experiences, and answers, I also found confirmation of my calling as Anamchara, Soul-friend, as well as some details on how to organize my work and support for the work.

Some of that is in Anamchara sessions I am now offering on Thursdays (see the bulleted list for details). Some of my work is the essays and messages that I bring back from the land and from my work with both my sacred land at Dragon Hollow and all the friends and allies the universe conspires to connect me with. Some of my work is the direct work I do in healing and working with the land itself.

Some of my work is yet to be revealed. I have a couple of exciting projects that were opened to me during this latest visit that I can't wait to share when they are a little more mature in my mind.

If my work pulls at you, if you feel called by it, if you have been helped, or moved, or inspired by it, you may be wondering, you may even have asked me, how you can support me.

I have been working on creating the pathways for you to do so, if you feel called and if you are able.

Some of these channels of support are financial. Financial support enables me to spend more time doing this and less with business business business.

And financial support is not the only way to show your love for and belief in me and this work. These other forms of support are just as important, and I am grateful for all of it.

Here are the current support channels that are open to you:

  • "Like" my Facebook page at Facebook.com/FenDruadin
  • Interact with my content here and on my Facebook page. Your interactions tell the Facebook algorithms to show my content to more people, and thus spread the good it can do and my ability to access support for my work. Like, comment, react, share. All of these help!
  • If something in particular moves you or makes you think of someone else, tag them in the comments or send them a link! This gets my work in front of more of the people it is designed for.
  • Buy me coffee via a small (or large? I dunno, I can drink a LOT of coffee, heehee) donation at paypal.me/FenDruadin
  • Schedule an Anamchara session for yourself or a friend https://calendly.com/fen-druadin/anamchara-session (regular rate is $180/session; currently on a pay-as-you're-able basis;). An Anamchara (Soul-Friend) session is an opportunity to be heard at a deep level in regard to whatever is troubling you or whatever questions you may be carrying. The particular art of listening as practiced by an Anamchara helps you connect with your own deep truths to find your way through blockages and see the true, clear path in front of you. 
  • Follow this blog and share it with friends!

I am feeling strongly the call to fall into my crowd and accept the gifts of your support, in whatever form they take, so that I may fully apply myself to the work I am called to.

I will also be launching a Patreon page soon, for any who feel called to support the work financially on an ongoing basis.

I am eternally, immensely grateful for all of you. For your love, your support, your kind words, your willingness to allow me to bring messages on your behalf, for you being you.

Thank you.

I love you.

fen pic

Fen Druadìn

Fen Druadìn (they/them) is anamchara, storyteller, dragon, student of trees, and a breaker of generational curses.

Fen's mission here is to love and remember themself completely, connect deeply with the world, and help others do the same for themselves.

Fen connects deeply with the universe through their relationship with a sacred land in the Appalachians of North Carolina, and shares messages here and elsewhere. When not in the woods, they can be found on Facebook and Patreon.

If you feel led and are able, you can support Fen's work in any of these ways:

  • Monthly financial support via Patreon
  • Make a one-time donation via CashApp ($FenDruadin) or Venmo (username FenDruadin).
  • Make a one-time donation via Paypal (please choose "friends and family" to avoid fees)
  • Share their Facebook content with your networks, and/or like and comment
  • Follow this blog

You can also contribute to the work of reconnecting with yourself and the world in any or all of these ways:

  • Stand in front of a mirror, look in your eyes, and say, "I love you." Repeat daily for as long as it takes
  • Send your love to the trees and stones and water and Earth
  • Spend time in quiet meditation with a plant or stone person, and listen for messages
  • Clean up litter in your neighborhood and/or engage in other acts of environmental restoration
  • Build a personal relationship with the plants and animals in your area by spending time with them and listening for their messages and responding to their needs
  • Reconnect with your own strength and power and truth via meditative practice such as yoga, guided meditation, chanting, drumming, dance, or any other tool that feels right and helps you ground and connect
  • Engage in this community and/or other communities committed to re-establishing our right relationship with ourselves and the earth

Wherever you are, on your journey and in your life, may you be well, may you be at peace, and may you always find the next good step.

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