If you're here for it, it's enough

published on Nov 04, 2019

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This morning have you seen a sparkle of light through the shaken leaves of a cypress, after an unseen squirrel has hastened across the branch?

Yesterday, did you examine the exact shape of an oak leaf, its veins branching like blood vessels, like roots, like lightning, a thousand fractal shades of red and brown and yellow?

At any time, have you seen the whisker on a cat, the fuzz at the edge of a blanket?

Smelled coffee or incense or the creak of the fold in a beautiful piece of leatherwork? Hung a sun catcher or laid a rug to soften your feet after a bath? Savored a pot of soup made with love, crisp ginger crunching in your teeth?

Did you hear the voice of your beloved, or the sound of a cough from the other room? Did a spark of light refract off a a neoprene suction cup hanging in a cobwebbed window, long past when its purpose has been forgotten, shining inexplicably like a gemstone, shining into the webs and making them for a moment like lace, like the work of a thousand beautiful hands (they are the work of beautiful hands)?

Did you live today, or yesterday, or a week ago? Have you loved something or someone, even for a moment, for a passing instant?

Can you let it be enough, for just right now? Can you forgive yourself all the rest, and remember that we are not here to walk on our knees, to wear horsehair and flagellate?

So there are cobwebs in the corners and dust under the bed. That project you started six months ago is just bits of wood lying on the floor, collecting stains.

Stains? Call it patina.

Call it life.

If you're here for it, it's enough. You're enough.

This morning I'm grateful for all the small beauties and comforts, and most especially for the cup of coffee my beloved has placed beside the bed.

How about you?

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Fen Druadìn

Fen Druadìn (they/them) is anamchara, storyteller, dragon, student of trees, and a breaker of generational curses.

Fen's mission here is to love and remember themself completely, connect deeply with the world, and help others do the same for themselves.

Fen connects deeply with the universe through their relationship with a sacred land in the Appalachians of North Carolina, and shares messages here and elsewhere. When not in the woods, they can be found on Facebook and Patreon.

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  • Clean up litter in your neighborhood and/or engage in other acts of environmental restoration
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Wherever you are, on your journey and in your life, may you be well, may you be at peace, and may you always find the next good step.

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