The Hardest Thing About Being a Book Midwife

published on Sep 08, 2022

I love being a book midwife but there's one thing that really sucks...

The hardest thing about being a book midwife, aside from having a cat on my back judging me, is having access to these amazing, ground-breaking, life-changing ideas and materials

And not being able to share them

For MONTHS at a time

While I wait


For the book to be fully birthed so you can see it in all its glory

Fresh from the author’s heart

Straight from the author’s pen (well, keyboard, usually)

So anyway - the author I’m working with right now is freaking amazing and it’s KILLING me I can’t share the insights I’ve gained while working with her book

I gave her her developmental feedback on Monday, and it’ll be another couple months before the draft is ready for publishing. Then about three months to publish. THEN at last, I can tell you.

I’ve vastly improved my coaching process since my early days. I now offer it in only one form - it’s 90 days to a complete draft, and 90 days (with my partner, Kory) to publication.

One of my earlier clients also has the MOST AMAZING BOOK EVER THAT I CANNOT WAIT TO SHARE but her book is still in publication/production. She’s working through a different process than the one I use now, and it’s just taking a while. I think she’s also had a bunch of custom illustration work done, which takes time.

And anyway-


But also



Love/hate this work

But mostly love

Early next year I expect I’ll be sharing fresh titles with you

Cannot wait

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Fen Druadìn

Fen Druadìn (they/them) is a storyteller, a visionary, and a book midwife.

Fen's mission is to change the world for the better, one paradigm-shifting book at a time.

Fen works with CEOs and consultants who care deeply about their impact on the world and want to enhance both their legacy and their personal effectiveness through the power of a professionally published work, in their own words.

Fen has applied the magic of more than two decades of professional storytelling, an impressive business background, and a deeply rooted, trained connection to earth-based medicine and spiritual practice to develop a system that helps clients do their most focused, powerful work, and produce a book they're proud to hold in their hands.

When they're not working with clients or writing their own books, Fen can usually be found wandering the woods alone, sitting around a campfire with friends, or swimming in the cold spring waters native to the Southern Appalachians.

To learn more about Fen's Book Midwife program, feel free to grab a spot on their calendar here.

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