Two dragons remembering

published on Jan 17, 2020

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She was sitting at a table in a street cafe. I was passing by.

From quite some distance down the street, we noticed each other. Our eyes met as I approached, and I had the sensation that I knew her, but I didn't recognize her.
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When I got there, she said, "I know you," and I said, "I thought so."

We studied each other. Drinking each other in. She was extraordinarily, breathtakingly beautiful. I wanted to stand there forever.

She said, "You're wearing me."

I put my hand on the dragon pendant hanging from my neck.

"You're a dragon," I said.

"I am," she said.

"So am I," I said.

"I thought so," she said. "Most dragons don't know they're dragons, but we do."

"Yes," I said.

I had to go. My friends were waiting for me ahead, baffled at the delay, at the strange exchange with a stranger on the street.

"Here," she said. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a chunk of amethyst.

"This is for you. Until we meet again."

"In this lifetime or another," I said.

"Yes," she said.

I took the amethyst.

We stared at each other for another moment. Hugged. Parted.

That chunk of amethyst is on the desk beside me. Some days, like today, I carry it with me, to remind me. Most days, it sits on my altar. To remind me.

Remind me who I am. Remind me where I've been. Remind me that there are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamed of in our little human philosophies.

Amethyst is the color of insight. It is the color of peace. It is, for me, the color of remembering.

May peace be with you today. May insight go with you always. May you always remember who you are and why you are here.


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