When the Land Speaks, I Listen

published on Jan 27, 2020

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A few days ago, I remarked to a friend that I wished I knew more about the old barn that sits on my land.

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Photo of an old barn, seen through the woods, with a small creek in the foreground
The old barn, seen through the woods

Yesterday, I was meditating in a location well in the interior of the property, far from the road. I had my hands under the dead leaves on the ground, touching the soil.

I heard the words, "Come back to me" along with an image of the opening of an old root cellar that's located near the front of the property.

I had no idea what the message was about, but when my land speaks, I listen.

I stood up and walked back toward the front of the property. There's a large beech tree there, standing near the top of a steep ridge. She is a particular friend of mine, and she long ago introduced herself to me as "I Watch."

Her roots partially embrace the root cellar I had seen in the message. I climb up to the root cellar and hear the message to climb higher, toward the trunk of my friend, I Watch.

I'm partway there when I hear the sound of a car driving up my private driveway. I don't often invite people to my land, and nobody just drops in on me. I'm instantly on alert.

I turn and realize that from where I'm standing, I'm obscured from sight by rhododendrons, but I can see the drive clearly. A big white truck pulls up, and a large man gets out. I'm grateful for my hidden spot.

He walks around the side of my camper, and peers around. I'm not sure of his intention. But then he knocks lightly on the door of the camper, and I decide he's probably all right.

And besides, I have my trees all around me and clearly they're protecting me.

Photo of trees, looking up through the trees to a blue sky
The sky through treetops

I say, "Hey, you looking for me?"

He startles and looks up, eventually finding me among the foliage on the hillside. He smiles, friendly, and introduces himself.

Turns out, his grandparents built my barn, and he's happy to answer all my questions. Additionally, he brings the information that the neighboring property is for sale, which information is valuable to me.

My friend, I Watch, was watching and saw him coming. She knew I wanted more information about my barn, and she found me a human to give it to me in words.

Later, chatting with the realtor for the adjacent property, which is listed for substantially more than it sold for four years ago, the realtor says he was planning to call me and ask if I was interested in selling mine for a tidy profit too.

Wanna guess my answer?

#thislandisnotforsale #thetreesaremyfriends #thislandissacred

Photo of a mossy hillside with rhododendron trunks rising out of the moss
Rhododendron trunks and moss
Photo of a small creek with a little waterfall into a pool
Creek with small waterfall and pool
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