Housekeeping! Subscribers, please read


This blog is being ported to a non-Wordpress site over the next few days. If you are a subscriber and want to remain a subscriber, please read!

If you are subscribed by EMAIL ONLY (i.e., not through a account), you have already been added to a Mailchimp file that will re-subscribe you to the blog after it is ported to the new site. You do not need to do anything, but you may receive a notice that you’ve been added to an email list called “Fen’s blog.” That is really me! Please contact me if you have questions.

If you are a user and have subscribed through this platform, YOU WILL NEED TO RESUBSCRIBE. Please email me at for instructions. It is simple to do, but there is no automated way to do it, so I will have to add you manually.

Thank you very much, and now please return to whatever delightful thing you were doing previously. Or take a break from whatever awful thing you were doing.

Love y’all!