I Wish I Could Learn to Listen to the Trees and Other Comments that Punch Me in the Gut

Someone I follow on Facebook recently posted a link to an article about tree communication, and how humans can learn to understand it.

I commented, “This is not news to any of the indigenous cultures who live closely with nature. In the words of the Seneca, the language is called Hail-lo-way-ain… and we all speak it. I love how Western science is uncovering & documenting these truths… it’s also the case that we don’t need science or a degree to begin communicating directly with trees… all we need is to be open to it.”

To my surprise, my comment quickly became the most-like-and-love-reacted comment in the thread, with a “wow” thrown in for good measure.

It also started a conversation, including one person asking me for examples of communications and another saying, “i wish i could learn to listen to the trees i need this so badly right now im going to research this deeply” and I… wheeewwwwww that comment hit me like a punch, right in the gut.

Because we ALL DO, my friend. We all need this SO BADLY right now.

We are SUPPOSED to talk to trees. And birds and spiders and rivers and grass. It’s a lifeline. It’s our to connection and truth and beauty.

We were BORN able to do it. It’s our birthright.

And… it was stolen from us.

I won’t get into all the reasons and the hows and the whens of that terrible theft. I’ll only say that it’s killing us. Our isolation, our aloneness. Deadly.


But but but and BUT.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

We can reclaim it.

We can, and we must!

I would love to teach you how. My dear friends suggested that I teach a class, maybe do a TED Talk. Those are marvelous and fun ideas, but you don’t have to wait for me to do all that to get started.

You can reclaim your birthright right now. Today.

Go out in the woods, or to the park, or to your backyard, anywhere there’s a tree. More trees will give you more to choose from and sometimes larger trees are a bit easier to hear, in my experience. But it doesn’t really matter–a tiny sapling poking up out of the earth in your suburban yard can be a start if that’s who you’ve got.

Go, and get quiet and listen. Be open to whatever you hear and feel and see. Really, that’s IT. That’s the whole shebang.

You might have to do it more than once. You almost certainly will. And the longer, the better. The more often, the better.

Better get yourself a hammock.

Or a stool or, you know, wear old pants and sit on the ground. Whatever.

Just go.

The trees will meet you there.