Messages From the Land

Photo of sun shining through trees with a mountain laurel in the foreground and blue skies in the background

Receive a message from the land, specifically for you. Messages are received in communion with Fen’s sacred land, and delivered by chat message or email.

Cost: $25

How They Work

Trees and other plants and stones and earth and water all have consciousness. Everything has consciousness. Everyone has the ability to tap into this consciousness and communicate with other beings, non-human beings, but it takes practice. And it is a mostly forgotten gift, especially among the descendants of colonizers.

Our colonizing ancestors separated us from it when they chose to take the lands of others and drive the people from it. My colonizing ancestors stole it from my pre-colonial ancestors in the British Isles.

The trees called me back into it.

I have honed the gift and the skill steadily over several years, under the teaching of the trees and through study of various ancient traditions including especially the tree-led spiritual tradition of my ancestors.

My land is sacred to me. And when I say “my” I want you to understand very clearly that although I “own” it in legal terms, “owning” land is a colonial idea that does not belong to the land. In the land’s perception, and in my own, the land is “mine” as in “mine to steward and mine to be in relationship with.”

I am the land’s caretaker. I am also the listener to the land. I am the land’s Anamchara.

And the land is mine.

When I am on my land, I am able to easily tap into the ancient wisdom and extensive (universal) network that the land itself maintains. Because I have developed and continue to grow my relationship with the land, it provides this access to me as a gift of love. In turn, I protect the land and complete various tasks on behalf of the land. And, also in turn, the land and I love each other.

When the pandemic began, the land tasked me with something new: Let it speak to my human people through me. So I went to it and listened hard and brought back a message for everyone.

But I also brought back messages for individuals who had requested them.

And it was … amazing.

I’ve now done this several times, and every time the messages get more detailed, more clear, and more compelling. Every time, the recipients tell me the messages speak to them deeply.

I don’t know exactly how it works. I could give you a hundred theories. All I know is that I’m called to the work. That I am a listener. That I am Anamchara.

That the land has messages for all of us.

And that it has individual messages for anyone who wishes to have them brought back.

To request a message from the land, email Fen at or follow them on Facebook for updates.